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Canopy Growth Corp. (CPG eCommerce)
Bank of Montreal (self-brokerage)
CIBC (B2C insurance)
Hydro One (customer portal)
Manulife (B2C insurance)
Maple Media (content)
Nulogy (supply chain management)
Rogers Digital Media (media exchange)
Sparkrock (enterprise management)
StickerYou (online stickers e-comm)
Texas Instruments (product selection)


Bell User Experience Centre
Klick Health
MacLaren McCann
Mass Minority
Momentum Digital
OVEN Digital


Canopy Growth Corp. (eCommerce)
CIBC (financial)
City of Toronto (government)
Manulife (insurance)
Rogers Media (media)
TD Bank (financial)
Texas Instruments (semiconductors)



Brett was a great UX Manager and mentor during my time at Canopy Growth where I was reporting directly to him after he joined the team. He was supportive whenever I needed some clarification on project expectations and requirements. He made working on projects rewarding and interesting by allowing us to work autonomously, while at the same time providing valuable feedback and challenging us to think critically about our work.
Brett is very committed to creating well-informed design decisions using UX best practices and research, as well as being keen to establish a UX process within a cross-functional team. He did an excellent job of doing all of the above as our UX Manager. Brett would be an asset to any company seeking to improve its UX maturity! 


Designing user-friendly interfaces for software is tough, but Brett made it easy.
Brett worked with LVC-Audio to redesign the user interface for an audio plugin (Limited-Z version 2). The interface was the basis of upcoming software redesigns, so it was critical that everything was correct. Brett was always conscientious of the user’s perspective as we tackled issues such as control groupings, general layout, functionality, and colors. 
Throughout the process, Brett was always extremely responsive to questions and willing to provide his perspective. He was also extremely knowledgeable about the specific user community and in-tune with trends and user design of other software manufactures. This made it easy to focus time and effort on the critical issues of the design work. Brett is personable, knowledgeable, and works quickly and efficiently. These traits are rare to find in a single person. I fully recommend Brett for any user interface design project.


I reported directly to Brett while working at Canopy Growth. Brett was an encouraging mentor who challenged me to think critically about our UX recommendations. He was essential in establishing the UX processes within the digital team and advocated for the value of UX across departments. He brought his expertise to every project and was able to provide strong research-based rationale for all our decisions. Brett values usability best practices and commits to creating well-informed design decisions. Brett would be an asset to any company seeking to improve its UX capabilities.


Brett is a very detail oriented information architect, who clearly loves his work and takes great pride in it. Over the past 3 years that I had the pleasure of working with Brett, it was evidenced by his through and well-prepared presentations that not only is he a talented information architect, but also possesses the core skills that go far in client presentations and internal educational seminars. He is a definite asset to any team, and what sets him apart is that he cares about his work, and the people around him. 


I had the absolute pleasure and honor of working with Brett in THE LARGEST project of my professional life. The intelligence displayed by Brett was crucial in pushing the project through quickly. His talent in designing absolute marvels is to this day appreciated by all users. I look forward to working with Brett in future projects.


We hired Usability Now when we needed some extra UX brainpower. Brett came in and adapted seamlessly to the working environment, requiring minimal supervision. He turned work around quickly with showed sound thinking to back up his design decisions. I wouldn't hesitate to use Brett again.


Brett provided us valuable output thru a user experience study, for our design of a complex customer service categorization model using leading techniques. The result was an effective categorization of customer interactions to gain customer insight for further continual business process improvements.


Brett is quick to understand business problems and easily solves issues with his ability to represent user scenarios that improve business and design intent. I worked with him for two years with projects of different scope and there was passion in his work. If you want a "yes man", Brett is not that person. If you want a well thought recommendation, Brett is that type of individual.


Brett is a seasoned user experience consultant. He has a thorough understanding of the methodologies and techniques for website user testing. When he worked as a consultant to The Globe, he delivered clear actionable results and incisive insights in a timely manner.


I worked for Brett in a consultative role. I found his direction to be concise, clear and focused. Brett's drive and dedication to his work are admirable as are his expectations of high quality deliverables. He's very astute and encourages input to and from his team. I'd welcome the opportunity to work with him and Plexus again


Brett has an amazing attention for detail and is very thorough in his documentation. Working collaboratively with Brett was a great experience: he can quickly provide an in-depth rationale for his approach and can rapidly adapt his work to incorporate suggestions from team members. He also provides great feedback for development in order to push the envelope to ultimately deliver a better user experience.


i have worked with Brett for 2 years, and on a number of different projects at Sapient. Brett is a very passionate professional and truly cares to create an above average product. It has been said that many of Brett's deliverables are 'little works of art'. They are.
Brett takes usability very seriously and is a strong advocate of user experience. He can see the business side, and also the consumer side of the equation. His work is very well considered as he puts the required mental effort into the task.


Brett is a knowledgeable and skilled UX designer that really goes the extra mile to understand his clients' needs and those of their clients.


Brett is a detailed and contentious user experience designer and usability specialist. An asset to our team, he was able to quickly and efficiently digest complex challenges and define unique, compelling solutions that impressed our clients.


Brett is very good at what he does. Brett is able to povide high quality work under tight deadlines. Excellent communication skills and thought leadership. Pleasure to work with. Nelson


Brett is an experienced and articulate advocate for online consumers. He is efficient, well-organized, analytical and to the point. These are all skills that are very important in this day and age. With all of the technical skills in the world, there is of course no substitute for common sense, which Brett exudes in abundance.


Brett is a detail focused, quality driven IA. The quality and fidelity of his work reflects his passion for user experience design. Brett is dedicated to being the advocate of the end user and ensuring a quality, engaging and delightful experiences. Although an IA, Brett is well rounded in his experience and knowledge of user research, usability best practices and understanding/gathering business and user requirements.


I've worked alongside Brett at two companies (the other was Oven Digital). He takes his work very seriously, and sets high standards for himself and meets them. In addition to the high quality of his work, he brings "unofficial leadership": on every project where I've witnessed his involvement, he's looked at the whole picture in order to meet the organization's objectives, including speaking up when seeing inadequacies in existing plans and proposing realistic solutions. In this way he has, on multiple occasions, transformed disaster into success.


Brett is a fastidious UX practitioner. He is extremely well versed in usability and information design, and is a true advocate for the end user. Brett's approach is clear and thoughtful and his work is of great quality. On a recent project that he and I collaborated, Brett was a real asset to our team - without him we would have been lost.




Waterfall, Agile, Lean, or whatever your process is I can work with it. I’ve had considerable experience with UX project planning recommending plans that are designed to work seamlessly with your organization.


By bringing your users into the design process we can ensure the UX design directly meets users’ needs and requirements. Happy users mean happy business stakeholders.


I can create wireframes quickly so that all stakeholders can benefit from seeing their requirements integrated into the first iteration of design.


The key to a good user experience is understanding the users, whether you have your own internal customer insights or require me to collect and analyze your market.


I transform  wireframes into visual designed mockups that communicate the look and feel of the final solution. I create working prototypes so that users and stakeholders can experience the design without the need for other resources to design and code.


Today’s digital world is accessed on multiple devices. I create UX designs that are optimized to work with multiple devices. I can take into account responsive frameworks like Bootstrap or hand-coded breakpoints.



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I am located in beautiful Leslieville, Toronto